Artists and Craftsmen of Newcomb College Pottery

Newcomb Artist Marks

Artists and Craftsmen of Newcomb College Pottery

Aurelia Arbo artist mark Arbo, Aurelia Coralie (1931-1940)

No known mark Arena, Lucia Ceclia (1921-1928)

No known mark Avery, Mrs. (1895-1897)

No known mark Baccich, Eunice (1921-1928)

Henrietta Bailey artist mark Bailey, Henrietta Davidson (1901-1938)

Mary Baker artist mark Baker, Mary Francis (1900-1906)

Gladys Bartlett artist mark Bartlett, Gladys (1907-1919)

No known mark Beauregard, Alice Toutant (1908-1917)

No known mark Belden, C. F. (1885-1891)

Marie Benson artist mark Benson, Marie Levering (1904-1915)

Grace Blethen artist mark Blethen, Grace (1900-1909)

No known mark Blocker, Frances Ware (1896-1902)

Selina Bres artist mark Bres, Selina Elizabeth Gregory (1886-1909)

No known mark Bultmann, Ruth Ernestine (1917-1933)

No known mark Burgess, Emma Ruth (1900-1907)

Mary Butler artist mark Butler, Mary Williams (1898-1934)

Corinne Chalaron artist mark Chalaron, Corinne Marie (1920-1926)

Frances Cocke artist mark Cocke, Frances Howe (1891-1907)

No known mark Colemann, Browning (1901-1903)

No known mark Cramer, Ruth Forbes (1921-1924)

No known mark Crumb, Ethel Canney (1913-1917)

No known mark Davis, Elizabeth (1924-1926)

Marie Delavigne artist mark Delavigne, Marie Odell (1892-1925)

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